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What do you look for in a photographer?

What’s your bottom line for a photographer in San Diego? Many people look at price as the bottom line for the best photographer in San Diego. That age old saying comes to mind, “you get what you pay for.” This isn’t always the best measurement if you want certain results […]

Favorite Shot of the Evening

I always have my favorite shots during an event. And 2014 brought some amazing times and extraordinary events. Though these weddings, parties and events were epic, nothing compares when capturing that moment of pure happiness on someone’s face – priceless. Last night I had the pleasure of shooting RICH’S Nightclub in […]

New Year's Eve Hillcrest DJ Kurty

Last Minute Photographer

Sometimes you’ve had months and months to plan an event or maybe you are just a big ‘ole procrastinator. I get it. If you are looking for a last minute photographer for an event in San Diego give me a call or contact me here.