About Lukas

bored-lukasDo I really think I’m the best San Diego photographer – duh, no. But someone took san-diego-photographer-dot-com and is squatting on it like a d-bag, so this domain name was the next best thing.

Now, do I love photography? Yes. Do I strive everyday to be better at it? Yes! Do I want to capture unforgettable moments? YES!

My education contains a Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts with a concentration in Graphic Design. During my studies I was going to minor in photography, but after learning it would add an additional year and more student loans to my bill, I said eff-it.

I’d love to help you capture the magical moments in your life. Let it be your pet lizard’s birthday party or a quinceañera that’s gonna get loco, shoot me a message and let’s capture the magic.

Click on the contact me link on the nav menu or just be lazy and click here.

Can’t wait to meet you.