What do you look for in a photographer?

What’s your bottom line for a photographer in San Diego?

Many people look at price as the bottom line for the best photographer in San Diego. That age old saying comes to mind, “you get what you pay for.” This isn’t always the best measurement if you want certain results of your project or event. If you are browsing through San Diego photographers for your wedding, event or nightlife you should consider the artist’s reviews, portfolio and style. Even if the photographer meets your budget, you might not have the same aesthetic.

So you’ve fallen in love with a photographer, but they are too expensive.

You would be surprised at how many photographers will negotiate their pricing. If you absolutely love a photographer but they are out of your price range, don’t be afraid to ask them to negotiate, or even split the bill into payments. You can get a set of photos for each payment.

As much as I hate Pinterest, it will help you and your photographer map out what you want.

It’s true. I hate Pinterest because it gives everyone a false sense of reality. Life isn’t always picture perfect, though we can try our best to make it look that way! The flip side of the coin is Pinterest can be an amazing tool to help you choose what kind of angles and shots you are looking for during your event. When you find your San Diego photographer, make a Pinterest board together and collaborate to make sure the shots you are aiming for get taken.